Sustainable Tourism..


Longmeadow has been farmed organically for 25 years. At Green Valley Yurts we feel strongly about the importance of sustainable tourism and try to make as little impact on the environment as possible. These are some of the ways we are trying to achieve this: 

  • Low flush toilets and economy showers

Our toilets are designed to use the minimum amount of water for flushing and our showers are low flow with timed switches, further reducing the amount of water wastage. We help heat our hot water with a thermal solar panel on the roof of the facilities building.

  • Heating

The yurts and are heated with locally grown sustainable timber in a wood burning stove. Our fire lighters are carbon neutral, made from renewable sources and are totally safe for the environment.

  • Recycling

We have recycling bins so you can recycle all glass, paper, card and metal. There’s also a composter for all food waste.

  • Low-carbon yurts

Our Yurts do not have electricity. Lighting is a mixture of rechargeable and solar-powered camping lanterns. 

  • Eco-friendly products

The facility building is kitted out with eco-friendly washing up liquid and cleaning products.

  • Buy local

We source all our products and services as locally as possible. Please do the same while you’re here and support our farm shop as well as our local pubs and shops.

  • Take the train and cycle

Dorchester Station is only 5 miles away. Our farm is only a 25 minute cycle ride away. We can also recommend a local Taxi company and there is also a service bus running throughout the day.